I simply love to shoot. One day I will be out driving and exploring, looking for that next iconic landscape, old car or abandoned farmhouse. The following day I may be meeting up with a model to do a fun location shoot with off camera lighting. Perhaps I’ll be working on a shoot for my “pay it forward” photography project. I also have other personal projects I’m working on that will be revealed as I see fit.

Below is a list of many different avenues my camera has taken me.

The Argument
My Main Photography Work

Fine art prints, lifestyle work and showcase shoots

I have a love for exploring. Not just the natural wonders that this earth holds for us but also the interaction of discarded and abandoned man-made objects with them. I also do portrait and lifestyle work as well and am forever evolving and trying new things. My fine art prints and samples of my work can be seen and purchased at my online portfolio

The Burner Portrait Cart
Burner Portraits

Portraits I take and gift back to the participants of Burning Man

Since 2012 I have attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada four times. I take photos there of the people and gift them back to them once we are all home, returned to our daily routines. Here is the website that allows them to find their shots which I then send to them digitally.
Fotos Forward

My pay it forward photography project

The success and gratitude that I received through doing portraits at Burning Man pollinated a new idea to do the same type of photo gifting in the real world. I designed and created all the things I needed to get the word out and to gain some traction but regular people were/are simply not receptive to the idea as much outside of the festival, perhaps thinking there is some kind of catch. I’ve decided to share the project when opportunities present themselves but in general will be waiting to see if it will grow organically.
Personal Vacation Photographer

An idea I had to offer the best vacation photos ever

This is an idea that just popped into my head one day and I decided to create it and put it out to the world. Basically with the mentality of “build it and they will come”. The idea has actually gained some traction and I am more than willing to take on the first client and do some wonderful vacation photography with them but as of yet it’s been a sleeper of an idea. We’ll see what the future holds.
Winter Drive
Winter Drive

I am also oversharing all over social media so please stop by and follow along if my work interests you. I’d love to answer any questions you may have.