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WSfaceI’m a visual designer and avid photographer. Graphic and print design, web design, front end web development, photography and now video and motion graphics. I’ve been working and learning as I go for over 20 years, embracing new technologies such as responsive web sites as the opportunities present themselves.

I’m currently freelancing remotely as I travel full time in my RV. However, no matter where I may be physically I am always connected to the internet. My current and future work demands it and luckily we live in an age that makes this not only possible but quite easy. I am always looking for new clients, projects and challenges. Feel free to drop me a note if you feel I can offer something to your team.

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    Film, Drumming, Writing
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An avid photographer since my school days I became much more focused and dedicated to expanding my knowledge over the past 12 years. I have a love for stories told by the derelict and abandoned but also those told within the human form and face. Fine Art work as well as lifestyle, portraits and other fun projects.

Graphic Design

I’ve truly almost done it all. From print ready graphic design to web design and development. Everything from logo design and branding, brochures, tickets, posters, magazine covers, CD, DVD and software covers, point of sale placards, bus bench ads, transit and bus ads, billboards both digital and paper, business cards, signage, t-shirts, and more. 

Web Design/Dev

I’ve built a lot of websites in my time. I have the skill set and resourcefulness to get almost any project through from concept to completion. That said, I prefer the more creative aspects of graphic design and photography over code.


For a very long time my main focus was drumming. I played in many bands from cover bands to indie recording bands to major label recording bands. It became a hard decision to set aside that pursuit to focus on my very close second love, photography.


“I contracted Wayne Stadler in November of 2003 to construct and design a website for my company. After looking at dozens of designers, I choose Wayne because the quality of his past work and the affordable price clearly distinguished him from his peers. Since contracting him, I have been ecstatic with his performance, his professionalism, and his creativity. The site that he created is perfect for our needs. What impressed me most about Wayne was the speed and attention that he gave the site, he returned emails promptly and answered any concerns that I had efficiently and effectively.

I recommend him without reservation.”

Vincent Noto

Vincent Noto – Trantac

“This is now the second time we have used Wayne, the first time was in 2002 we contacted Wayne looking for a web site design that really captured the band’s attitude and philosophy (with no ideas of our own) Wayne ran with it and exceeded our expectation’s.

Now in late 2005 with new members new songs and a new look we went back to Wayne for a complete redesign of the site along with CD cover and liner graphics, merch designs and Myspace site all to match, once again Wayne delivered it on time and at a very competitive price. I highly recommend Wayne to anyone that is looking for a clean and user-friendly web site.”

Jacen Ekstrom

Jacen Ekstrom – One900

“Wayne designed and created an exceptional site for my new business. It is user-friendly, sleek, and eye-catching. People love it, and I can now update it myself whenever I want. Great guy to work with!”

Lucio Picciano
DLP Designs.com

Lucio Picciano – DLP Designs

“As an independent artist, I’ve seen my share of indie web sites, and I’m so happy we chose Wayne to do ours. As none even come close to it’s professional appearance.”

Miguel Staunton

Miguel Staunton – Sugarblade

“This letter is my personal recommendation for Wayne Stadler. I worked with this very capable man for several years at Ahern Rentals in Las Vegas. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Despite his regular telecommuting from Vancouver, Wayne always acted as part of the team when he was away or at our Las Vegas office.

Besides being a joy to work with, Wayne is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and can change those ideas with lightning speed to suit the current situation. He has successfully developed several web sites for Ahern Rentals that have resulted in increased web traffic and are still in use today, years later.

Though he was an asset to our training department, Wayne was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company; designing graphics, forms, and assisting in production shoots. In addition to designing effective websites for all 12 branches of Ahern Rentals, Wayne heavily participated in meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees to try for greatness.

I highly recommend Wayne for any employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.

Julio Lonnie Lopez
January 28, 2010

Julio Lonnie Lopez – Ahern Rentals

I hired Wayne to create my travel blog and business cards. I consistently receive compliments on both. He has a keen ability to design logos, select fonts and personalise the format, hence making Nancy Under the Stars more ‘me’.

He is very good about making suggestions and critiquing. Wayne has always been quick to respond to my questions and makes changes in a timely fashion.

Nancy Morrison
November, 2010

Nancy Morrison – Nancy Under The Stars

“When I first approached Wayne about building a personal website to promote myself as a freelance drummer , I had no real idea at all how I wanted it to look . I gave Wayne the raw materials and other than telling him that I wanted one of his excellent flash intros , I gave no other indication about interface or overall look. What I ended up with was an incredible website that far exceeded what I envisioned. I was amazed with the attention that he gave to small detail and design etiquette. The fact that he is also a musician, artist and photographer as well as web designer gives him a huge leading edge in the creativity department.

Wayne takes care with his craftsmanship and his clients needs. The manner in which he conducts his business is nothing less than professional. I got exceptional work done in a short time frame for a very competitive price. I was fortunate to have chosen Wayne. I highly recommend Wayne Stadler.”

Kelly Stodola

Kelly Stodola

“I was introduced to Wayne Stadler through an advertisement in Business In Vancouver.
After doing my due diligence, I called the number listed and had a conversation with Wayne, explaining what my expectations were for my website. Although I liked the sample sites that Wayne had on his website for preview, I felt that what I was looking for was drastically different than what I saw there. Wayne assured me that he had the knowledge and the resources to build my design to whatever specifications I required and offered to do three mock ups so we could get a feel for what my expectations were.

Wayne delivered a web site that I am proud to send my existing and prospective clients to for information on my company and the products and services that we offer. Check it out at and see for yourself what we put together without so much as meeting in person. Everything you see on this site was put together through e-mails and telephone conversations.
Dealing with Wayne on this project was a pleasure. Whenever I requested changes to the design, whether adding new content, modifying or deleting content or designing an online quotation form, it was handled in a professional and expeditious manner.
I am confident that no matter what your message or vision for your website may be, Wayne can design it for you and deliver it to you at a very cost effective price.
I am so happy with Wayne’s design on my site that I decided to have him host my site on his server. Do your due diligence and give Wayne Stadler a try. You’ll be glad you did. ”

Willard Wilton

Willard Wilton – Dataclean


I simply love to shoot. One day I will be out driving and exploring, looking for that next iconic landscape, old car or abandoned farmhouse. The following day I may be meeting up with a model to do a fun location shoot with off camera lighting. Perhaps I’ll be working on a shoot for my “pay it forward” photography project. I also have other personal projects I’m working on that will be revealed as I see fit.

Below is a list of many different avenues my camera has taken me.

The Argument
My Main Photography Work

Fine art prints, lifestyle work and showcase shoots

I have a love for exploring. Not just the natural wonders that this earth holds for us but also the interaction of discarded and abandoned man-made objects with them. I also do portrait and lifestyle work as well and am forever evolving and trying new things. My fine art prints and samples of my work can be seen and purchased at my online portfolio

The Burner Portrait Cart
Burner Portraits

Portraits I take and gift back to the participants of Burning Man

Since 2012 I have attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada four times. I take photos there of the people and gift them back to them once we are all home, returned to our daily routines. Here is the website that allows them to find their shots which I then send to them digitally.
Fotos Forward

My pay it forward photography project

The success and gratitude that I received through doing portraits at Burning Man pollinated a new idea to do the same type of photo gifting in the real world. I designed and created all the things I needed to get the word out and to gain some traction but regular people were/are simply not receptive to the idea as much outside of the festival, perhaps thinking there is some kind of catch. I’ve decided to share the project when opportunities present themselves but in general will be waiting to see if it will grow organically.
Personal Vacation Photographer

An idea I had to offer the best vacation photos ever

This is an idea that just popped into my head one day and I decided to create it and put it out to the world. Basically with the mentality of “build it and they will come”. The idea has actually gained some traction and I am more than willing to take on the first client and do some wonderful vacation photography with them but as of yet it’s been a sleeper of an idea. We’ll see what the future holds.
Winter Drive
Winter Drive

I am also oversharing all over social media so please stop by and follow along if my work interests you. I’d love to answer any questions you may have.


In April 2016 I broke free from the standard cubicle, 40 hour work week to venture out to do and see more. I now live and work full-time from the road in an older 5th wheel trailer with my rescue dog and co-pilot Rollins. I have a travel blog at www.wayneontheroad.comand have also started a fun Youtube channel to share my documentation of the places I go, things I see and the people I meet. Please check it out and follow along.

Back-road Sunset


I literally have way too much work to post it all here. In the interest of brevity here are but a few examples. I will add some more soon.

  • From 2012-2016 with the exception of one year I created all the print and web assets for each lottery campaign. Brochure, posters, ads, a new logo for the 50/50, complete websites and more.
    From 2012-2016 with the exception of one year I created all the print and web assets for each lottery campaign. Brochure, posters, ads, a new logo for the 50/50, complete websites and more.
  • Logo design and branding for Gadget Tech
    Logo design and branding for Gadget Tech
  • STARS Lottery web sites, both Alberta and Saskatchewan for 2014-2016
    STARS Lottery web sites, both Alberta and Saskatchewan for 2014-2016
  • A quick logo design based on the client's wording and wanting to use arrows and orange.
    A quick logo design based on the client's wording and wanting to use arrows and orange.


Graphic/Web Designer, Social Media Management, Photo/Video Production | Woodland Equipment

2017 - 2019

Implemented, designed and managed a new WordPress website with full inventory capabilities to display all available machines for sale. Built and populated a secure section of the website for staff only including a company contact list. Designed print graphics for magazine ads, posters, in-store promotions and a new trade show booth. Managed all social media posts, analytics and incoming inquiries. Shot, branded and edited many location based machine photos and videos using multiple cameras and a drone.

Graphic and Web Designer | Stride Management

2011 - 2016

Stride Management handles all aspects and logistics of many charitable lotteries in the Alberta and Saskatchewan. Lotteries such as Kinsmen Home Lotto, Caritas Foundation Lottery, Red Deer Hospitals Lottery as well as some work for STARS Lottery (websites). I was one of two designer/developers that handled creating all the print pieces as well as the lottery websites which yearly raise millions of dollars for such institutions as the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Graphic and Web Designer/Developer, Social Media Management | Freelance

1999 - Present

Since purchasing my first PC in 1998 I was fascinated by the web and started building websites right away, learning fast and creating a freelance living. Self taught in HTML, CSS, the Adobe software suites etc I created hundreds of print pieces and websites over the years and am still available for remote freelance work. As of the last few years I’m also versed in Social Media Management and have taken recent training in lead generation and Facebook ads. Also adept at video editing and some motion graphics.

Graphic and Web Designer/Developer | Ahern Rentals


Initially hired to design and build three websites I was kept on until the economy crash of 2008 managing the sites I built as well as creating a few more for other smaller off-shoots of the company.

Web Designer/Developer | Pro.Net Communications


Web design and development for various companies and associations including the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, BOMA and Leigh Jigs as well as the BC Lions CFL team before they went with a more template version used on many of the CFL teams.


Chilliwack Senior Secondary School


I went to high school. I even spent some time on the student council. I graduated.


A little rundown of my fluency in select software and certain skills.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects


I’d love to hear from you regarding any photography ideas or freelance graphic design work you may have. Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I welcome your feedback.

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    Currently on the road in western Canada

I’m also all over Social Media. If you prefer to reach out through those platforms check out the icons on my home page.


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