• Photographer

    During my years in music my photography took a back seat. Since about 2000 my passion for the creative still image has been increasing daily. Always learning, always improving, always upgrading my gear. I have many photography projects on the go and love the travel/exploration aspect of finding the images I capture. The links below will take you to various projects as well as my photography pages on various social media. I very much appreciate "likes" and "follows".

    Photography Portfolio
    My main portfolio as well as limited edition fine art prints for sale.

    Burner Portraits
    Since 2012 I've been attending the Burning Man Festival and capturing portraits of participants, then gifting them back to them after editing.

    FotosForward (launched locally, hitting the road in 2015)
    Inspired by Burning Man and my burner portrait project I've decided to take the idea into the regular world. Traveling and gifting creative photo sessions to those with limited access and financial means. Paying it forward with photography.

    Personal Vacation Photographer
    An idea I had a few years back for a travel/vacation based photography service. Currently not my top priority but still very much open to anyone who is considering hiring me for this.
  • Designer

    Pixel wrangler since 1998. Self taught graphic designer and web designer/front end developer. From agencies, contract work, f/t employment to freelance, I've done it all. Currently considering all freelance design or web projects. Experienced in logo design and branding, print design, web design, code and frontend interface developement. I'm essentially a one stop shop that also has my own dedicated web hosting. Complete details and portfolio of my work can be found here. I use this work to fund my ongoing travels and will be working remotely from the road.
  • Traveler

    The older I get the more I want to see of the world. I have a severe case of wanderlust and if I'm not out on the road with my camera, rest assured, I want to be. Please feel free to follow along.
  • Drummer

    After a 20 year focused run in the music industry I'm semi retired, playing to have fun when I want to. That said, I'll always listen to and consider any new project. For all the details and my musical history, click here.